Q: Hi, I’m a Nomad. I’m looking for a quick way to set up my bookkeeping and want to pass on my tedious tasks?

A: I can help you with that. With a vast knowledge and working with the best in the industry, I have developed a very simple but strategic way of bookkeeping and ensuring that you enjoy the services.


Q: What are your rates like approximately?

A: The business really comes down to volume, how many added value services do you need (invoicing, receipting, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, data entry, but never-the-less each one works out to be $5 a service.


Q: So how many services would I need?

A: That again really comes down to what you need. Maybe you are at the very beginning stage of your business, so you just need the initial bookkeeping software setup and that would suffice. Maybe you are a person that needs to incorporate and file a few back taxes. Maybe you are a successful small firm with about 50 employees needing a payroll system in place. I can customize to your needs and all at a respectable rate. Just send me a quick e-mail and receive a Quote.


Q: How long have you been in business?

I have been working in the accounting industry for 7 years and have recently launched my own business registered in 2017. Unlike a firm who has a large staff I, on the other hand, am one hard working motivated Accountant that works just as hard as a big team but on a 1 to 1 system.


Q:How many clients do you have?

A: At the moment 13 clients total and you can be our 14th? Congratulations! OK, so let’s get to work.


Q:How do I know I can trust you?

A: Well, I am currently working in downtowns Toronto’s Financial District, Canadas Wall Street, and working with Canadas largest Insurance Educator. I have a Certificate in Accounting Information Technology and a Diploma in Advanced Accounting and Finance.


Q: Why should I sign up now?

A: Here is the kicker, if you can’t start right now then your losing precious time procrastinating. Just start with a simple e-mail and that’s it.


Q: Thanks Accounting For You Canada!

A:You are most welcome, also please hit that follow button for my new upcoming business enhancing Tips. Thank You so much for your inquiry and I’m excited to start working with you.